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'We Are All Dreams Carrying Dreams' 11 July 2016

Our poetry book 'We are all dreams catching dreams' is this week's number one bestseller in Waterstones, Enfield Town!

Poetry Festival Summer 2016

Our first-ever poetry festival is nearing its conclusion with schools holding their inter-school poetry performances towards the end of June.

Since Easter, three professional poets, Kat Francois, Paul Lyalls and Simon Mole, have been exploring the theme of ‘British values’ with pupils in years 3 and 4. Pupils have experienced high quality teaching from these published poets which has led to unique and inspirational poetry being produced.

This united approach to our pupils’ educational experience links creativity with academic excellence and makes the school journey much more rewarding.

More exciting news about this project will be announced at the end of this month!

Ocean Maths Grant June 2016

Enfield Town Schools’ Partnership has been awarded legacy funding from Ocean Maths. The grant will be used to implement and extend the work of Ocean Maths across the partnership building on the good practice already achieved, by sharing knowledge and developing the capacity within our schools. It will enable us to promote positive attitudes towards the learning of mathematics through lively, interactive and fun workshops for pupils and their parents.

Phase one of the programme will launch in September 2016 in seven partnership schools with phase two schools launching the following year.

Emotional Health Parent Mentoring training - starts September 2016

The ETSP would like to thank the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) and Metaswitch, Enfield, for their support which has enabled this valuable training to take place within our community of schools. We look forward to welcoming our volunteer mentors into school early next year.

Enterprise Project in Partnership with Enfield Grammar School March 2016

Working in partnership with Enfield Grammar School, we developed an enterprise project to provide an exciting opportunity for pupils to learn about the skills required to make a business successful.

During the six week programme, run as a series of after-school workshops, children from five partnership schools worked together to develop their own ideas for an educational board game. The final workshop concluded with a presentation from every team to a judging panel which included directors of local businesses! Pupils were judged on the theme and concept of the game, physical prototype of the game and its content​s, presentation style and teamwork and enterprise skills shown. We think they were all winning ideas!

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