All schools in the Enfield Town Schools' Partnership (ETSP) are committed to working collaboratively, supporting each other and sharing skills and knowledge to maintain and improve standards across the charity.

ETSP recognises the individuality and embraces the uniqueness of each of the schools within its partnership. We share resources, training opportunities for all staff groups and hold inter-school activities for children and young people including sporting events, debating, spelling and art competitions, science fairs and poetry festivals.


Working together to strengthen educational opportunities in our community.


1. Working together to deliver a high quality education for our children.

2. Working together to equip our pupils for life in modern Britain.

3. Stronger together by sharing our skills, expertise and capacity.

4. Stronger together to provide value for money.



1. To improve opportunities for disadvantaged pupils and ‘more-able’ disadvantaged pupils.
2. To develop a positive school engagement with the community.
3. To investigate ways of reducing outgoings and generating income.


Our schools’ main strengths:
  • Developing and maintaining high standards of teaching and learning in a supportive environment.

  • Encouraging independent, creative and inspiring opportunities for learning by using a variety of teaching methods.

  • Working together to develop individual teachers’ skills and talents.

  • Sharing and building on good practice.

  • Nurturing constructive relationship with parents.

  • Engaging in activities with local communities and businesses.

  • Being inspired to forge new links with our partnership schools to develop exciting opportunities for staff and children.


Working with our community

We work with our wider community to encourage parents, carers and grandparents of children in our schools to take their next steps by attending one (or more) of a range of courses delivered in exceptional learning spaces by partner organisations. We are committed to raising educational aspirations within our community and helping parents and carers take their employment and educational opportunities further. In 2018 ETSP was a WEA Regional Partner award winner providing fantastic recognition of the hard work and dedication of our students and staff.


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