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We run a wide range of projects for children and young people including art exhibitions, poetry festivals, debating and spelling competitions and science exhibitions to find our schools' most promising young engineers. We also offer a broad range of courses for adults. Whether child or adult, our initiatives are about helping people reach the best of their ability.


In partnership with our schools we plan, fund and deliver programmes and projects to support everyone in our community.

See our recent projects below.

'Making a Mark'

Final report Artwork St Johns Prince of Wales.jpg

'Making a Mark' was funded by a grant from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Teacher Development Fund. The 2-year programme was delivered in partnership with Bow Arts, an arts and education charity. 'Making a Mark' was designed to equip teachers with the tools to embed visual arts-based learning in their schools and to positively impact both pupils' learning opportunities and language development.

Secondary STEM Enrichment Day

Lab in a Lorry 17_lr.jpg

ETSP's 'Big Bang @ Chace Community School' is an annual 2-day STEM event delivered in partnership with Chace Community School and Engineering UK's 'Big Bang @ School' programme. The overall aim of the event is to provide an inspiring learning opportunity showcasing STEM to children and young people who would otherwise have limited opportunity to participate in such events. It is an ambitious, exciting and engaging event; around 18 Enfield Primary schools participate in day one and Secondary students from year 7 through to year 12 take part in day two.

ReMARKable Art

rainbow background.jpg

'ReMARKable Art' was designed to cascade the learning from the 'Making a Mark' CPDL programme and promote arts-based learning in the classrooms of all ETSP schools. The programme launches in Autumn 2023 and will conclude later in the year.

Look out for our upcoming pupil exhibition in Spring 2024!



An 18 month+ social action project which linked together young people from 12 primary schools with older people living in Enfield care homes.

ETSP project video

National project output and resources

Holiday and Food Programme 2021

HAF image.jpeg

With funding from the local authority we provided exciting Easter holiday programmes, across 4 sites, for children on free school meals . Children enjoyed healthy meals plus a range of physical and creative activities all at no cost.

Art Exhibition

StM_Fragile is our Earth and its Creatur

A focused art project promoting creativity and expression and providing cultural experiences and opportunities for children and young people.

Gallery 2021

Gallery 2020

The Art of Engineering

Engineers for ID Outreach lesson - 12.02

Our annual science project aims to develop an understanding of engineering as well as generating excitement and engagement in STEM subjects. Gallery

Delivering Differently


Our united response to the Covid-19 crisis meant support to our community was made available faster and was more effective. Click here to find out more.

The Great Debate


Our popular annual debating competition provides an opportunity for children and young people to develop speaking and listening skills, build confidence and engage in current affairs.  

Closing the Word Gap


Whole-school approaches to developing vocabulary and wider language skills supporting children, teachers and parents and carers.

Money Workshops

George Spicer Prim School_LB Enfield_019

We believe that a greater understanding of money through advice and education transforms lives. From money workshops for children to funded financial programmes for adults, our goal is to empower each individual.

Virtual Olympics 2020


The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic meant we had to design and deliver projects differently. Our virtual Olympics was delivered to over 1,000 children and young people. Gallery

Spelling Bees

ETSP Spelling Bee 2019 finals

Our annual inter-school spelling competition to enhance children's knowledge and develop a richness of vocabulary.

Family Learning


Our commitment to raising educational aspirations within our community saw us becoming an WEA Regional Partner award winner in 2018. We continue to offer a broad range of courses for adult learners from a number of partner organisations.

Poetry Festivals

Hayley Madden for The Poetry Society 1.j

In partnership with The Poetry Society we have delivered poetry workshops from professional poets to our all schools. The festivals concluded with live public performances and publication of two poetry anthologies:
We Are All Dreams Carrying Dreams

Under The Same Sky



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