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Get to know the team...


Hilary Ballantine

Charity Chair

Hilary played a key role in setting up ETSP and has since gone on to become the Charity's Chair. Hilary has a wealth of experience in education from an established Headteacher in Enfield to ongoing work as an education consultant and school governor. Her passion for travel means she keeps in touch from some enviable locations otherwise you’ll find Hilary tending to her garden.

Emma Kolaru

Partnership Manager

Emma joined ETSP at its inception having worked in Enfield in education, and previously, in graphic design and project management at agencies in London, Edinburgh and Bristol. Emma’s drive and creativity has seen the organisation flourish into what it is today. She enjoys spending time with her family, running, walking the dog or accepting another charity challenge!

Leanne Barrett

Project Officer & Bid Writer

At the same time as joining ETSP Leanne started a Masters in Genetic Counselling. Leanne has spent the last three years helping the charity grow and has been actively involved in some of our most successful projects. She is passionate about anything related to STEM, food and the gym! 

Sharon Rowsell

Finance Officer

Sharon is an experienced school business manager and book keeper and has worked closely with ETSP for a number of years. Sharon brings valuable knowledge and expertise to the team. When she’s not working you’ll find her relaxing on a beach somewhere tropical!